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Managing Director | Electrical Lecturer


Simon is our Managing Director but still has a passion for teaching, and does so on various courses up to Design and Verification. He has been an Electrical Engineer for nearly 30 years and has been teaching since 2005, and is a qualified Further Education Lecturer (Cert. Ed.).

Frustrated at the college system, Simon started Erudite in 2009 with the express aim of increasing teaching standards and actually teaching the subject, not just the exam. That aim has more than come to fruition and as a result of this very high standard of teaching, City and Guilds’ Lead Examiner invited him to become an Examiner and Technical Consultant for them. Simon is now a technical consultant himself and integral member of the electrical assessment team at C&G developing many qualifications from Level 2 Technical Certificates to Level 4 Design. Simon has chosen his team very carefully to ensure this standard and ethos is maintained throughout Erudite.

Following on from Simon’s work at C&G, he was recommended to undertake work for the IET in relation to BS 7671:2018 and now also undertakes work directly for them. As you can imagine, this is incredibly useful, not only with regard to his own knowledge, but also for all the lecturers and students at Erudite.

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“… My passion is ensuring that students learn the subject and do not just get coached to pass exams. Qualifications are very important, but more so is being able to do your job correctly and safely…”

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