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High Pass Rates?

If you are attending a course, you want to pass the exam; that is a given. We believe you also want to learn the subject as well.
At Erudite we have maintained very high pass rates on all our courses from our inception, but as noted on other tabs, we attain that by teaching to a very high standard. It is easy to just look at some of our competitors comparable pass rates without asking how they achieve them. If this is by coaching or even assisting candidates through exams, then you are not being taught correctly. Exams are passable if you are taught right, and then you also learn the subject.
Some centres offer a guaranteed pass, but that to us devalues your achievement. We are sure you want to attain the qualification fairly and squarely and be proud of what you have achieved. It also then sets you up for further study, which is one of the reasons we get fantastic results all the way up to Level 4 2396.

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