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Resulting in success


Resulting in success

How important are results? A companies reputation can be built or destroyed based upon its results. At Erudite Training Ltd our student’s results are absolutely paramount to our success.

Take for instance the 2391-10 Inspection and Testing qualification, notoriously difficult to pass and has left many an electrician wanting to literally pull their hair out. We have run multiple courses this year and we are currently running at an overall 80% pass rate for 2012. When comparing this with the national pass rate of 37% taken from the last chief examiners report it shows just how well our students are doing.

We put this down to a number of factors including smaller class sizes and high levels of student interaction. Possibly the most successful component though is our focus on using the correct terminology, from the very beginning. This may sound like a small thing but honestly it’s where most people fall down.

If I were to ask most electricians to SHOW me how they would test an installation, they would be able to do it with their eyes closed. The tough bit is getting that down on paper, there are so many small things that we do without even thinking. Forgetting to write down any of these small things though could have a very big impact your end result.

We also have a fantastic record for the 17 th Edition Wiring Regulations, in the last 12 months we have maintained a 100% pass rate with well over 100 people sitting the exam. This is due to the same factors as above along with a great attention to detail and real world experience, allowing us to show how the regulations translate to real world practices.

All of our other offerings also have the same high success rates, why not have a look.

If you are interested in either of these courses or any of the other courses we offer please click here and browse our offerings

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