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New Qualifications explained

There have been murmurs on the grape vine for a while now about the changes that are being made by City & Guilds to a few of their Key courses. This article will attempt to clear up the confusion that surrounds these changes.

The 2391-10 Inspection and Test has been the industry standard qualification for testing for many years, however this course is now effectively being split into two separate courses.

  • City & Guilds 2394 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations.
  • City & Guilds 2395 Award for periodic Inspection and Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations.

Apart from their snappy titles they are very similar to the existing 2391-10 Inspection and Test qualification, each course concentrating on a particular aspect of the previous course. The main changes are to do with the way that the qualifications are to be assessed.

For years electricians up and down the length of the country have dreaded the 2391-10, with its low pass rates and lack of any marking guidance.

The 2391-10 written exam was split basically into two sections; the first consisting of 20 “quick questions” that only require short one sentence answers, and the second being made up of a detailed scenario and 6 questions that require more detailed answers.

This has been changed for the 2395 the “quick questions” will now be replaced by a 40-question online multiple-choice exam. The scenario questions will still be present but the length of time of the written exam has now dropped from 2 ½ hours to just 1-½ hours. I believe this has been done to dispel the fear that some electricians have about the lengthy written exam and make the qualification easier to attain.

The 2394 qualification is also different in that it deals specifically with the initial verification side of inspection and testing, and will therefore use different documentation and testing procedures. Again the assessment process is to be different than that of the 2391-10, and almost identical to that of the 2395 with the online multiple-choice exam along with the 1-½ hour written assessment. The practical assessment however is slightly different to that of the 2395.

This is another area in which there have been changes instead of just doing a full inspection and test on a rig that represents a commercial/industrial premises there will also now be fault finding elements built into the assessment to add extra realism.

The other change is to do with the 2391-20 Design and Verification Course, which will be known as the 2396 Award in Design & Verification of Electrical Installations. This will be a level 4 qualifications instead of a level 3 as it was previously. The qualification has also be changed to a purely design based qualification and therefore no longer needs candidates to have passed the 2391-10 practical assessment.

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