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Erudite’s Electrical Courses

We believe every aspiring electrician should have access to first-rate training at a fantastic price. Knowledgeable lecturers; comfortable surroundings; in-depth, enjoyable learning – all without a premium price.

Whether you are just starting out, have been working in the industry for a number of years or want to expand and add to your existing knowledge, Erudite Training are the electrical training centre for you.

Looking for electrical training? It’s our speciality.

Training with us, you will find our emphasis is on teaching the subject, encouraging understanding and passion – and not coaching to simply pass exams. Through learning the subject through-and-through, being able to safely and effectively understand just what it is you are doing and why, the passing of your exams becomes a happy by-product of your work.

Lessons are highly enjoyable, and our lecturers incredibly experienced and exceptionally passionate. Learning happens most easily when the learner is having fun and enjoying all fascinating aspects of electrical installation (as proven by our sky-high pass-rates).

Starting from scratch

Learn how to install in a Domestic setting, no previous knowledge or experience required, with our Domestic Electrical Installer course. (Consists of Basic Electrical Course, 18th Wiring Regs, Building Regs, 2392 Fundamental Inspection and Test and LOGIC Domestic Electrical Installer Certificate).

Want to become a Fully Qualified Electrician, and work in Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural settings as well as Domestic? Climb that ladder to your full NVQ Level 3 with our Level 2 and 3 Diploma Courses. (18th Edition and Bridging Unit Included in Level 3.)

The Necessities

Not taking our Domestic Installer Course? Make sure you’re up-to-date with the Regulations – it’s the law.

18th Edition Wiring Regs

Building Regulations

Inspection and Testing

New to testing and never picked up a tester before?

2392 Fundamental Inspection and Test.

Understand the makings of an installation, and design safely and efficiently yourself.

How do you know your electrical designs are both safe and cost effective? Be taught by one of very few selected 2396 Design and Verification Examiners in the UK, the highly experienced Simon Ogborn, and learn the right stuff.

CPD Quals

add extra skills to your remit, offer more services to your customers and increase your revenue stream

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) – Building managers across the country are required to have all of their appliances tested on a regular basis.

2919 Electric Vehicle Charging – The government is backing electric vehicle use in this country through grants and other incentives.  Over 10,000 EV charging points are required this year and you may wish to install some of these! 


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