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EICR/PIRform Course

With the new changes that have been made to the 17 th Edition Wiring Regs under the 1 st amendment, the documentation can be a little confusing, especially with regards to the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

We have put together a course for those of you that use these regularly, the aim of the course is to make the requirements for filling out the new forms CLEAR and manageable.

As part of the course you will also get a free copy of PIRform Lite, this is reporting software that allows you to input your results into an electronic form that can be printed and stored electronically. The printed forms look professional and give clients a good impression; the electronic storage allows you to access the reports easily and quickly, meaning updating or making changes is quick and simple.

The main advantage of the PIRform software however, is the Intelligence that is built into the system. The software has a full copy of the 17 th Edition Wiring Regulations built into it. This allows the software to Validate all of the results that are measured in the installation and compare them with acceptable maximums from the Regs. It also allows the software to compare installation methods and suitable equipment and then advise of inadequacies, for example the sizing of a main earthing conductor when compared to the CSA of the incoming supply cables.

It also auto populates the observations page and gives a suggested code dependent on the risk of danger perceived.

All in all the PIRform software is a very useful tool for ensuring that the documentation issued to the client is of the highest standard

The course will last 1 day, and the cost of the course will be £160+VAT

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