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Domestic Installer Stage 2&3

EAL Level 3 for Qualifying Supervisors

There have been a few changes in the last couple of months, with regards to the qualifications that are required for registration with NICEIC, NAPIT, and ELECSA etc.

As of the 31 st March the EAL Level 2 Domestic Installer qualification has been cancelled, its replacement is, a Level 3 Qualification, similar to an NVQ. There are knowledge elements and centre based practical assessments (stage 2), additionally though there are assessments that are carried out in the work place (stage 3).

There are two paths to this qualification; your level of experience dictates the path that you take. The two paths are:

Experienced Operative

To qualify for as an experienced operative learners must have in excess of 24 months experience of installing, testing and ensuring compliance of electrotechnical systems and equipment in dwellings.


Inexperienced Operative

This is for those that are new to the industry without previous practical experience. You do however need to have prior knowledge and experience with the basics of electrical installation. For complete newcomers please see our Domestic Installer Package.

The difference between these two paths is the way in which they are assessed.

The Inexperienced Operative would need to complete several modular online exams, on a range of subjects. For the Experienced Operative route the assessments can take the form of “professional discussions” in which you would provide auditable evidence of previous work and discuss the practices and procedures you followed, to show a good depth of knowledge on the required subject.

Once the knowledge requirements have been fulfilled, each candidate will then need to complete a practical portfolio, delegates will be assessed on completed work, in a “naturally occurring setting” essentially what this means is that you compete a job and we can then assess it.

The main problem here is that there is a slight chicken and egg scenario, as without the completed work you cannot register with the relevant Registration bodies, however the common view is that without that registration you are unable to carry out the work. So what should you do?

There are several ways around this situation; you can either work under somebody else’s registration until you have been assessed. Alternatively you can notify building control yourself for your first few jobs (this can be a little costly but needs must). Later in the year the problem will become a lot easier with the re introduction of 3 rd party notifications, meaning that you can complete the work and then allow someone else to notify it on your behalf.

The Package includes not just he EAL level 3 qualification but also the 17 th Edition Wiring Regulations, and the EAL 2391-5 Inspection and Testing qualification (if you would like the C&G equivalent this can be arranged at an extra cost).

The EAL course itself is split into modules, so we can arrange to do set modules or even the full course. Taken as a block the modules total a five-week course, this includes the 17 th Edition Wiring Regs. The Inspection and testing qualification however would be an extra weeklong block taken at the next available date.

The modules can also be split over an evening course; this allows the highest level of flexibility for those that are trying to retrain around an existing block. Allowing you to do some modules as a block when time/work permits but then also allowing you to do certain modules as an evening class when needed.

The cost of this package is £3000+vat

When you book this course at the same time as Domestic Installer Stage 1 there is a £500 booking discount.

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