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Cost Value of the Course?

Many of our competitors will tell you they are more expensive because they are better; that simply is not true.We are more cost effective because of how Erudite has been set up and run. One of the big costs for most training providers is advertising. Some of our competitors literally spend millions of pounds every year on advertising, sales teams etc., all of which gets added to the cost of courses. We simply don’t need to spend these sums as our level of repeat business and recommendation brings in the vast majority of our students. Once you have trained with Erudite you will see how much better we are, and then will join our free ‘sales team’ yourself.

Erudite also has the benefit of small overheads, as our training centre is owned by us, rather than paying huge rent with no return. The saving on this means we can pay the best lecturers. Another advantage of owning the building is that we could tailor the building to our, and your, exact needs.

Simon has never seen Erudite as a means to make vast wealth, but rather it is his desire to properly educate as many students as possible that drives our expansion. Course prices are set at what we can afford to do them at, so as many students as possible can get the best training.

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