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As you may have heard The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) and the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) have joined forces to create The Electrical Safety Register.

This in effect brings two large organisations under a shared roof; the two organisations are none other than NICEIC and Elecsa. Each company’s members will be combined within one database; this will allow customers to search for a local certified electrician capable of completing the required job.

Now on one hand, this seems like a fantastic idea and a step in the right direction, making it easier for consumers to verify whether an electrician is certified or not. This in theory at least would make it more likely that the resulting installation would be to the required standards, and therefore less likely to cause damage or injury.

The issue is… that this has effectively split the installation community into two sectors, those that are on the Register and those that aren’t. What if you’re registered with NAPIT or Stroma? Well NAPIT have actually launched their own version, which they call The ElectricSafe Register. This version however is open to ALL electricians that are registered with ANY of the competent person schemes.

The aim of NAPIT is to create “an easily recognisable brand for the electrical industry” which, in English, means that they hope to make the general public understand the benefits of having any electrical work carried out by a certified electrician. Their site also allows members of the public to search for a local certified electrician that is capable of carrying out the work needed.

So, I hear you say, what’s the difference?

The only difference I can see is that ANY electrician registered under ANY competent person scheme can join The ElectricSafe Register (NAPIT) whereas only members of the NICEIC, ECA, and Elecsa can join The Electrical Safety Register.

It seems a little unfortunate that the NICEIC, Elecsa and the ECA have proposed a way to deal with what is a very real problem; that doesn’t go all the way. Surely it would be better to have a Register that encompassed EVERY electrician? Wouldn’t this make it easier for members of the public to decide which electrician, to allow into their homes, to do the required work?

Neither Scheme is mandatory (yet) but we at Erudite feel that it is a step in the right direction, and can only lead to better installations through standardised installation and testing methods.

After all we all want the same thing don’t we…? For the customer to get the right advice, the installation to be done correctly and most of all the continued safety of those using the installation for years to come.

The only way to ensure these clients are getting what they are paying for is to raise awareness of this kind of scheme. How can Joe Public hope to make an educated decision, about who carries out their electrical installations without a point of reference?

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