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Our Level 2 & 3 Diplomas – Why EAL?


City & Guilds are often the go-to choice for many qualifications, so you may be wondering why we’ve chosen to use EAL.

Although we are already a City & Guilds centre…

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Four Weeks vs. Four Years – A question about the Domestic Installer Course


We were recently asked about the difference between our Domestic Electrical Installer course and training at college for many years, over Facebook; “So what can you do after your Domestic Electrical Installer course compared to that of a 4 year trained spark?”

This is our answer…

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17th Edition Update Course


At the beginning of January, a new amendment of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations was released which will be enforced as of July 2015.

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Who is designing YOUR installation?


As an electrician you will probably have issued, hundreds of electrical installation certificates.

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Register.. Your Opinion


As you may have heard The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) and the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) have joined forces to create The Electrical Safety Register.

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 Changing Careers 101


We spend most of our adult waking lives at work; this is the place that defines a large proportion of people. Would it surprise you then that according to a recent pole “one in four of us is unhappy in our jobs”. I have had multiple jobs in the past that were a means to an end and ultimately unfulfilling, I got caught in the wage trap early on and didn’t really see a way out. As time went on I began to resent these jobs, but each move made the situation worse, until I realised that I was coming at it from the wrong angle. I was trying to fit myself to a job rather than considering a job that suited me, I know it seems like a really simple concept but it had never occurred to be before this point.

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Prosecutions Loom following “Inadequate Testing” Hearing


“The Testing of this Installation not carried out to a professional standard, if at all”

Was what the sitting judge had to say at a recent court hearing. The hearing was to ascertain whether the death of Emma Shaw was unlawful.

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New Qualifications explained


There have been murmurs on the grape vine for a while now about the changes that are being made by City & Guilds to a few of their Key courses. This article will attempt to clear up the confusion that surrounds these changes.

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Resulting in success


How important are results? A companies reputation can be built or destroyed based upon its results. At Erudite Training Ltd our student’s results are absolutely paramount to our success.

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