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Erudite Training Ltd is an established company which has been providing excellent training for a number of years. We have highly skilled and experienced lecturers; even our Managing Director has years of practical experience, as well as technical knowhow, and is still actively involved with site work. This allows us to relate classroom learning to real world scenarios. Our lecturers have a wide range of experience involving installations and maintenance in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings.

Our philosophy at Erudite is that we don’t teach people to just pass exams; we give our students the skills and know how to put the knowledge gained into practice. Therefore we don’t just have excellent pass results, but our students also feel confident and capable to go out into the real world.

Our approach to learning is slightly different to some other providers; we believe you should actually enjoy the experience. For this reason, we foster an easy-going atmosphere set in comfortable surroundings, which we believe makes the process of learning much easier and above all more enjoyable. If you combine this with the fact that we limit our class sizes to allow more one and one time with the tutor, you come up with the secret to our students’ success.


Simon Ogborn MIET MIfL LCGI

Managing Director | Electrical Lecturer

Twenty years experience in the electrical industry, qualified Further Education Lecturer (Cert. Ed.), Approved Electrical Inspector (with Stroma and LABC) City and Guilds Examiner, School Chair of Governors for 17 years….. Simon has worked in a huge number of situations and locations over the years from simple domestic situation, a whole host of commercial installations, and even petrochemical plants, oil and gas rigs, banking computer centres…. A combination of knowledge, intuitiveness and knowing those occasions to seek further advice has ensured that he has an excellent reputation. Simon continues to work in the industry as well as appearing in the classroom.

Simon’s whole ethos, whether as a teacher, school governor or as owner of Erudite, is to make education as accessible as possible. This is achieved by making the facilities suitable and comfortable, including relevance in the course content, and making the learning as interesting as possible. This ethos is the backbone of Erudite Training Ltd.

Dave Sawyer

David Sawyer LCGI

David was our Internal Verifier from the very start of Erudite in 2005 until his untimely death in 2014.

Prior to this, David was Simon’s lecturer at college and then went on to be his mentor when he started teaching. David inspired, encouraged and supported both Simon and Erudite as a whole. The best way to describe him is a ‘true friend’, and he is truly missed by all of us.


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