NEW 2391 Inspection and Test

City & Guilds have recently released BIG changes to the current 2394 and 2395 Inspection and Testing qualifications. They are being replaced with a new 2391, of which you can choose to study either just Initial Verification in their 2391-50, just Periodic Inspection in their 2391-51, or BOTH in their 2391-52.

Another huge change this brings is that the examinations are now all open-book. This has brought a mix of both delight and worry from electricians out there – on one hand, the notoriously difficult course will now be easier to pass; great! But on the other, some electricians worry that we’ll be losing out on truly knowledgeable electrical inspectors. Fortunately, at Erudite we strive to teach a true understanding of the workings of a subject, and will be continuing to teach our 2391 in the same way we taught our 2394 & 2395, so you can be safe in the knowledge that not only will you find it easy to pass with us, but you’ll still have gained an immense amount of comprehension, confidence, and competence.


The choice of qualifications now on offer are the following;

2391-50 Level 3 Award in Initial Verification

Aimed at candidates who are working in the electrical contracting industry or allied trades but may be new to inspection and testing or require their knowledge to be updated. This course teaches you the principles and practices of initial verification of electrical installations.

2391-51 Level 3 Award in Periodic Inspection

Aimed at those that wish to be able to undertake Periodic Electrical Inspection and Testing on existing installations, the C&G 2391-51 can be considered the next level of progression from the 2392 Fundamental Inspection and Test qualification and 2391-50 Initial Verification. You will go through the tests that are required to complete the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) using relevant 17th Edition Regulations. You will be taught fault finding techniques through analysis of your test results. This will lead to a practical exam in which you are required to find faults set by the examiner.

2391-52 Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing

The C&G 2391-52 Inspection & Testing course will cover both Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection & Test disciplines. This course combines both the 2391-50 and 2391-51 teaching you all aspects of Inspection and Testing as detailed above.


The assessments are as follows;


  • Assessment type: Multiple-choice exam
    Assessment conditions: Open book exam/Invigilated exam conditions
    Pass/Fail Test: 2391-050/051 Duration: 90 minutes
  • Practical Assessment (Initial Verification OR Periodic Inspection)


  • Assessment type: Multiple-choice exam
    Assessment conditions:
    Open book exam/Invigilated exam conditions
    Pass/Fail Test: 2391-052 Duration: 120 minutes
  • Practical Assessment (Initial Verification AND Periodic Inspection)


Books needed for the course are:

  • Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing ISBN-13: 978-1849198738
  • On-Site Guide BS7671:2008(2015) Wiring Regulations: ISBN-13: 978-1849198875
  • IET Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008 Incorporating Amendment Number 3:2015) ISBN-13: 978-1849197694


Please bring your own VDE/1000V rated Insulated Screwdriver Set containing, as a minimum, a Philips 2, a 4mm slotted, and a terminal driver. You must also wear your own safety boots for practical lessons.


2391-50  –  5 DAYS / 8 EVENINGS  –  £500+VAT (£600) inc fees.

2391-51  –  5 DAYS / 8 EVENINGS  –  £500+VAT (£600) inc fees.

2391-52  –  5 DAYS / 8 EVENINGS  –  £725+VAT (£870) inc fees.


Next available course dates


  • Mon 2nd – Fri 6th Oct 2017  (Extra day Mon 9th Oct) – Sorry! These dates are fully booked.
  • Mon 20th – Fri 24th Nov 2017  (Extra day Mon 27th Nov) – Sorry! These dates are fully booked.
  • Mon 29th Jan – Fri 2nd Feb 2018  (Extra day Mon 5th Feb)


  • Saturdays 13th Jan – 10th Feb 2018  (Extra day Sat 17th Feb)
  • Saturdays 14th Apr – 12th May 2018  (Extra day Sat 19th May)

Following feedback from some of our students, we have decided to offer an extra optional practical-practice day at the end of our course. This day will usually take place on the weekday after the final course date, and costs £60+VAT (£72).

Secure your place today with a deposit of £175.

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