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Erudite Training Student Testimonials, 2015



Winter 2015 – 2016

Very good place to train.” – Basic Electrical, Anthony – Atherton, Greater Manchester


Rik gave us a “5+” on both Lecturer Style and Lecturer Knowledge, and when asked what he’d say if he were to recommended us to a friend, he said; “Must go – they’re brill!” – Building Regulations, Rik – Stretford, Manchester


“WELL WORTH DOING” – Building Regulations, Patrick – Radcliffe, Manchester


“Mint!” – 17th Edition Wiring Regs, Roy – Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire


“Highly recommend to anyone who’s interested.” – 17th Edition Wiring Regs, Kelly – Droylsden, Manchester


“Interesting course taught by tutors who have a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience from electrical installation covering a broad range of industries.”PAT Testing, Lewis – Stockport, Cheshire


Nadeem told us that if he had a friend or colleague considering training at Erudite, he’d say: “Go for it!! Best by a long way…” – 2394/95 Inspection and Test, Nadeem – Rochdale, Greater Manchester


“Great place to learn!” – 2394/95 Inspection and Test, Andy – Mossley, Lancashire


Autumn 2015

“Excellent” – Design and Verification, Peter – Dane Bank, Manchester


James told us that “Better jokes!” would have enhanced his training experience – sorry, James! He did, however, leave us the wonderful comment of; “Good centre. Good tutoring. Make sure you put the study time in. Make good notes, obviously. Thumbs up!” – Design and Verification, James – Clayton-le-Moors, Hyndburn


“Good method of teaching. Provided with enough time to comprehend course material in lessons.” – Design and Verification, Jake – Stockport, Cheshire


When we asked Neil what he would say if he were to recommend us to a friend, he said; “Very informed, you would learn a great deal.” – Design and Verification, Neil – Blackpool, Lancashire


“Would recommend to all.”17th Edition Wiring Regs, Martin – Altrincham, Cheshire


“Very good training school.” – 17th Edition Wiring Regs, Peter – Manchester


“Dave is clear, concise and to the point. Hard book to read but Dave did a good job.”17th Edition Wiring Regs, Paul – Firswood, Manchester


“Go! The teaching style is great and helpful, friendly environment.” – 2394/95 Inspection and Test, Matthew – Birkenhead, Cheshire


When we asked Tony if we could have added anything to enhance his training experience, he responded “Chocolate Hobnobs (:”. Sorry that we don’t have any Chocolate Hobnobs, Tony, but thank you for rating us 5 out of 5 for Course Materials, Course Content, Lecturer Style & Lecturer knowledge, and adding your own “VERY GOOD.” – 2394/95 Inspection and Test, Tony – Yarm, Teesside


“Professional training, well delivered.”2394/95 Inspection and Test, Dave – Baguley, Manchester


“Enjoyable and friendly. Great teacher with masses of knowledge.” – 2394/95 Inspection and Test, Terry – Ellesmere Port, Cheshire


“Excellent value, difficult but the good teaching ensures you will do well if you put in the work.” – Domestic Installer, David – Blackley, Manchester


“Highly recommended. Instructor is very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to help, even out of training hours.” – Domestic Installer, Lee – Ayrshire, Scotland


“Fantastic. Best way to learn and get qualifications.” – Domestic Installer, Luke – Marple Bridge, Stockport


“Simon is a good lecturer with thorough knowledge and experience in this subject along with good teaching skills. As a C&G examiner, he also understands what the other examiners will be looking for in the test papers. This is very useful.”2394/95 Inspection and Test, Lewis – Stockport, Cheshire


“The way the course was tutored exceeded my expectations. Simon as a tutor is very knowledgeable. I felt I was taught how and why things are done rather than just to answer questions” 2394/95 Inspection and Test, Michael – Prescot, Merseyside

“Good training – good price.” 2394/95 Inspection and Test, Craig – Stalybridge, Cheshire


“Really friendly, competent and good for individual needs.”2394/95 Inspection and Test, Steph – Brampton, Cumbria


“Worthwhile, informative, FRIENDLY.”17th Edition Wiring Regs, Matthew – Romiley, Stockport


“The course will be difficult but you will get the help you need and the emphasis is on making you understand and preparing you for employment.”17th Edition Wiring Regs, David – Blackley, Manchester


“Thorough – good value.”17th Edition Wiring Regs, Peter – Wilmslow, Cheshire


Summer 2015

“Excellent facility to learn, basics upwards. Friendly staff and atmosphere.” – Domestic Installer, Wasim – Stockport, Cheshire


“Excellent training centre.”Domestic Installer, Bill – Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire


“Intense but valuable and worth it. Much better to do it in a short time rather than over a long time.”Domestic Installer, Sam – Urmston, Manchester


“Hard work but loads of challenging fun.”Domestic Installer, Paul – Liverpool, Merseyside


“Informative and concise – highly recommended”Domestic Installer, John – Richmond, North Yorkshire


“Excellent company – this course and past experience”2394/95 Inspection and Test, Liam – Stalybridge, Cheshire


“You can achieve it if you try with Erudite’s help.” 2394/95 Inspection and Test, Remarno – Sale, Cheshire


“Great place, great price!”Building Regulations, Craig – Stalybridge, Cheshire


We asked Stuart if there was anything we could have done to enhance his training experience, he answered “Free toast!” If the lack of free toast is our only downside, then I think we are doing pretty well. – 17th Edition Update, Stuart – Manchester


“Good place to train, friendly and accommodating.”17th Edition Update, Mike – Manchester


“Well structured, well presented, in an enjoyable environment”17th Edition Update, Wesley – Hyde, Cheshire


“Great experience, small classes, friendly approach”17th Edition Update, Mike – Leigh, Lancashire


“Thanks for your help. I will recommend.”17th Edition Wiring Regs, Gavin – Manchester


“All is going well with the 17th, Dan who is taking us is very, very good – I like the way he does the job and makes you feel at ease.”17th Edition Wiring Regs, Anthony – Diggle, Saddleworth


“Hard work but worth it!”Building Regulations, Paul – Liverpool, Merseyside

Spring 2015

James, who took our Domestic Electrical Installer course, joked (we hope) “Biscuit choices occasionally rather disappointing, otherwise superb – enjoyed the course thoroughly”. When asked on paper if the course met his expectations, he crossed out the word “meet”, replacing it with “exceed”, and circled Yes – “don’t go into it expecting to cruise through though, you’ll have to work!”James – Stockport, Cheshire


“Worth the money. Just do it. Tutor is brilliant.”Domestic Installer, Remarno – Sale, Cheshire


“Lecturer very knowledgeable and patient”Domestic Installer, Dave – Stockport, Cheshire


“Would definitely recommend.”Domestic Installer, Amar – Dundee, Scotland


“Very thorough and knowledgeable lectures, you get the worth of your money as well as time.”2394/95 Inspection and Test, Roy – Manchester


“Excellent tutors, have lots of patience and able to keep course on track.”2394/95 Inspection and Test, Duncan – Preston, Lancashire


“Great teaching methods make the day go quick and smooth, and you go home feeling pleased with the amount you have learnt. Gives you a good, understandable knowledge of what you are studying.”2394/95 Inspection and Test, Matthew – Todmorden, Lancashire


“Needs better coffee – not instant (: …  I would have no hesitation in recommending the centre.”2394/95 Inspection and Test, Gareth – Dukinfield, Cheshire


“Great place, great tutors.”2394/95 Inspection and Test, James – Stockport, Cheshire


“Nice, relaxed environment with great, approachable trainers.”Fundamental Inspection & Test, David – Manchester


When asked what he would say if he were to recommend us to a friend, Liam said “Really good experience – please use Erudite!”17th Edition Wiring Regs, Liam – Stalybridge, Cheshire


“The course is well presented and informative.”PAT Testing, Stuart – Salford, Manchester

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